Homemade Musical Instruments

Homemade musical instruments are a way to get kids involved in the process of open-ended play. Whether they are involved in the steps it takes to make the musical instrument or not, the creativity in making ordinary objects part of music helps them see the world a little differently. In fact, knobby puzzle pieces have …



Monica playing in the sound garden playground.


Makedo Xylophone

Makedo Xylophone: Today we started by playing with the cardboard tubes we’ve been gathering - foil tubes, cling wrap tubes, toilet paper tubes, postal tubes, paper towel tubes. Each varied in size and thickness so we lined them up and all of a sudden, what was prev...


46 Homemade Musical Instruments to Make | FeltMagnet


Bead Drums- Homemade Musical Instrument

Over the summer, we made some homemade musical instruments and had so much fun with them. So, I decidecd to try another kind of instrument this week. We made some bead drums and they were


Make a Talking Drum Out of Funnels

Make a Talking Drum Out of Funnels: Talking drums are these cool West African percussion instruments where you squeeze the strings around the middle to change the tension on the drum heads and change the pitch. Go look at this amazing video. Do it. Didn't realize a drum could sound ...


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Groove things: 14 DIY musical instruments for toddlers


Dulcimer: What is a Dulcimer? (Definition and History of Dulcimer Musical Instrument)

Definition and history of the Dulcimer musical instrument. What is a Dulcimer? A dulcimer is a stringed folk instrument which basically comes in two different varieties: the hammered dulcimer and the Appalachian dulcimer.


Harps, developed from the hunting bow and used since the Old Kingdom, were triangle or arc shaped. They usually had eight to twelve strings and both men and women played them sitting, standing or kneeling. They were generally made of wood and probably did not project very far. Harps were often decorated and could be expensive works of art


Bass clarinet in circa 1820. Nicola Papalini, Italian. Vintage and antique musical instruments are so intriguing.


Brussels- Musical Instruments Museum

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Finnish Kantele - musical instrument


20 DIY Musical Instruments for Kids to Make

Bring the band alive at your home with these DIY Musical Instruments for Kids to Make and play! And they actually make music, too!


Jam with some Pin Strummers. An Original #kids #craft by www.piikeastreet.com #piikeastreet


10 DIY Musical Instruments for Kids - Planning Playtime

10 Awesome DIY Musical Instruments for kids and toddlers. Kids can make these right at home and enjoy creating music with them.


HandCrafted Musical Instrument gusli / lyre / harp / kantele / psaltery / kannel

This instrument I make to order. Production time 4-5 months. Gusli " Bear ", 11 strings. Description: ⠀ ⠀ - housing - maple tree ; ⠀ ⠀ - deck - resonant spruce tree ; ⠀ ⠀ - string holder - ash tree ; ⠀ ⠀ - forged rod holder - steel ; ⠀ ⠀ - virbeli - nickel-plated steel; ⠀ - strings - steel; ⠀ ⠀ - wood carving - the head of a bear and carving wood and carved ancient Russian solar symbol in the central part , made of an apple tree; ⠀ ⠀ - tuning key - forged steel.


Musical Instruments Sounds For Kids ★ Part 1 ★ learn - school - preschool - kindergarten

Musical Instruments Sounds For Kids ★ Part 1 ★ learn - school - preschool - kindergarten - YouTube


Outdoor Musical Instruments. I should set up my whole backyard like this.



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Summer Fun at Maverick Festival of Americana Music!

British gal pal and guest blogger writes about producing the Maverick Festival of Americana Music outside Suffolk; a great place for summer fun.


Children's 6-inch Ethereal Tongue Drum


5 Easy Musical Instruments to Make with Your Children - Team Cartwright

5 Easy musical instruments to make with your children. Did you know that learning music has been proven to boost learning all around? This includes the STEM fields. Practice counting, rhythm, and patterns all while having fun. Perfect for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers!


Splendidly Creative {and simple} Homemade Instruments!

So many simple and fun homemade musical instruments for kids to make and play with. Perfect to keep up your sleeve for a rainy day!


19 DIY Instruments That Really Work

Take a few minutes today to get creative with the kids and make one of these super simple instruments that really work!


Extinct Indian Musical Instruments - Mayuri. This peacock shaped stringed instrument was very popular in nineteenth century.


Brussels- Musical Instruments Museum

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I’m The Violin Painter Who Spends Over 3 Weeks Illustrating Each One

Hello, my name is Leonardo Frigo and I am a London-based artist. I illustrate biographies and stories on musical instruments such as violins and cellos. My work incorporates symbols, pattern and embedded text which allows the audience to engage with the instruments in a unique way.


Violin Fine Art Photography Fiddle Photo Musical Instrument Music Print Classical Music Rustic Room Decor Music Lover Violinist Gift Idea

Violín Fine Art fotografía violín foto por KEnzPhotography en Etsy


How to Make a Bobby Pin Thumb Piano

Making one of these hand held musical instruments is a great project to work on with your children. This is a guide about how to make a bobby pin thumb piano.