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68 Preschool and Kindgarten School Lunch Ideas! Easy to pack, healthy and colorful - these lunches will be a hit in your house! 13 weeks of lunch ideas!


Ecco a voi 10 merende sane e golose da mettere nello zainetto della scuola!Il primo giorno di scuola è vicinissimo ormai.
L’estate è stata lunga e bellissima, ma è ora di tornare a studiare.Se volete che i vostri bambini tornino sui banchi con il sorriso, promettetegli almeno una buona merenda.Ecco quindi...


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36 Preschool Lunchbox Ideas (without Sandwiches!)

Lunchbox ideas for children, no boring sandwiches! Perfect packed lunch suggestions and interesting, healthy snacks for kids.


10 More Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids (for the School Lunch Box or Home)


125+ FREE Lunchbox Recipes for Kids

Who says packing lunch is a chore? These recipes take the guesswork (and brainwork) out of healthy school lunches.


Vegan Hummus and Avocado Toast - healthy vegan sandwich recipes for lunch that a... Check mor...

Vegan Hummus and Avocado Toast - healthy vegan sandwich recipes for lunch that a...


My kids’ school is a plastic-free zone. Students bring their lunches in glass or metal containers, and they try to avoid excess packaging and waste. I love the eco-friendly policy, but someti…


Exponents INB Pages

I just finished my exponents unit in Algebra 1. It was interesting to me that some students that struggle seemed to really excel in this unit. This is really the first unit that didn’t depend heavily on their ability to solve equations - maybe that was part of it. To begin, I made this page to remind students of the information they learned in pre-algebra. This page reviewed the expanding process. Also, it reminded them of the zero exponent rule and the negative exponent rule. Then, we completed this domino activity by Math Dyal. The next day, we talked about the multiplication properties of exponents. We completed this foldable and practice sheet. I’ve started adding practice sheets to a lot of my lessons. I usually have my students do a few at a time with a partner. I hate letting them start their homework during class (only like half of them do!) and I can get more kids to practice this way. Then, we talked about the division properties of exponents. We completed this foldable. There were tons of examples inside the foldable, so I did not include a practice sheet for this lesson. I gave them a sheet with all of the exponent rules summarized on it. I had them try to fill it in themselves before I showed them the completed sheet. The last page we completed was from Scaffolded Math and Science. It is just a worksheet, but I copied it at 80% so that it would fit in their notebooks. Students found the area of familiar shapes and used the exponent rules. Looking back, I would have completed this before the division properties. She has a few other pages like this and I need them all!! During class, we also played speed mathing, did a coloring sheet, and did a couple worksheets. I think I want to include another activity or two in their notebooks for this unit next year.


120 Easy Kid Friendly Lunch Ideas For School

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Kids Build Their Own Organic Lunch Routine - Easy Peasy Meals

This post is sponsored by Horizon Organic, all opinions are my own. Kids Build Their Own Organic Lunch Routine: Take the hassle out of lunch prep with a routine that allows kids to make their own lunches by selecting from a variety of organic ingredients that are mom approved–like Horizon Organic. As a mom, one...Read More »


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How to cook quinoa so that it always tastes great.

Here’s how to cook quinoa the right way so that it's fluffy, mild, and delicious—even kid-friendly.


DIY Lunchable Brunchable Sausage Lunchbox

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Back to School Kids Lunch Ideas – Modern Honey

Kids School Lunch Ideas. What to pack in a kid's lunchbox. School lunchbox ideas. www.modernhoney.com #lunchbox #kidslunch #lunchideas #schoollunch


7 leckere Ideen für die Brotdose von deinen Kindern - Echte Mamas

Für unsere Kinder soll aus auch in der Schule oder im Kindergarten gesund und lecker sein. Hier 8 leckere Ideen für die Brotdose!


School Book Sandwiches

Transform ordinary finger sandwiches into personalized school books to serve at end of the year parties, as an afternoon snack, or just for a fun lunch.


Vegetarian beet burgers with avocado and sweet potato fries

These homemade vegetarian beet patties are amazing with avocado and sweet potato fries.


It’s a butterfly…it’s fruit pizza!

My daughter didn’t want the traditional cupcakes or birthday cake for her party. She wanted fruit pizza. Well I wanted to make them a little bit more “fun” for 7 and 8 year olds. …


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10 Easy + Healthy School Lunch Ideas (no sandwiches!) - Baby Foode

A delicious pudding that is so healthy your kiddos can eat it anytime of day!



This pretty pink vegan pasta is healthy, vegan friendly, gluten and nut free, and did I mention delicious? She’s definitely a plate turner!


Bento Lunch Ideas: Week 1 - Smashed Peas & Carrots

Since my Bento Lunch posts are always a hit on the ‘ol Instagram (follow me here if you are not already!) I thought I would share a weekly round up of lunches here on the blog. My oldest two started full day school last week and guess what? I already have 5 lunches to share! …


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Owl Bet It's Going to Be a Great School Year - Happy Home Fairy

The owl is always celebrated as a wise creature and therefore tends to show up in a lot of things related to school. Plus, they are pretty cute. When I saw this backpack – I was inspired to do a post featuring some neat owl ideas for your Back to School experience. Owl bet you’re …