35+ things to do while you're stuck at home with kids - almost makes perfect

with the plan to stay home the next few weeks, i’ve hopefully gotten through the worst of my panic mode about the fact that i forgot to buy any cauliflower WHATSOEVER lol. seriously woke up at 3am last night because of it. it’s gonna be a long few weeks, but “social distancing” is the only … Continue reading "35+ things to do while you’re stuck at home with kids"


Osterhasen basteln mit Kindern und Kleinkindern - Bastelnmitkids

Osterhasen basteln Schritt für Schritt. Viele verschiedene Bastelideen zum Nachbasteln mit Kindern und Kleinkindern. Für eine schöne Osterdekoration.


Blow Painting with Straws - Super Fun, Super Simple Art Idea for Kids!

Blow painting with straws is simple yet lots of fun for kids of all ages. Use a straw to blow liquid paint around on paper, creating interesting designs.



Paper roll panda craft - zoo animal craft for kids #animalcraftsforkids Make a recycled ZOO animal craft and turn a paper roll into a paper roll panda craft. An easy animal craft kids will love to make and play with.


Grow a Rainbow Experiment

This Grow a Rainbow Experiment is really easy and fun to do! You only need paper towel, water and washable markers. See how to "grow" your own rainbow!


Cardboard Tube Crafts - Easy, Fun, Cheap. Perfect! - Red Ted Art - Make crafting with kids easy & fun

As some of you know, I love love love crafting with cardboard tubes – also known as “loo rolls” here in the UK and have a great selection of Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for kids for you to browse – 12 of which I am sharing here with you today! It is one …



Learn how to make this easy butterfly handprint card. These are the perfect card for preschoolers to make for Mother's Day!




If you're looking for easy painted rock ideas we've got everything from hedgehogs and bumble bees to galaxy rocks and kindness rocks!


20 nuovi lavoretti natalizi da realizzare con gli stecchi. Lasciatevi ispirare

I lavoretti natalizi da realizzare con gli stecchi del gelato sono davvero molto carini: si possono realizzare moltissime idee e ispirazioni.


Anlasser Jmp


Magic Wand Reading Pointers - Creative Family Fun

Your new readers will love making their own Magic Wand Reading Pointers that they can use to keep their place while reading. It's an easy way to make reading magical.


Popsicle Stick Easter Bunny

Make this adorable popsicle stick Easter bunny craft. You can make one bunny or a bunch of different colors. Only a few supplies needed!


Cute Handprint and Footprint Crafts

#manualidades #infantiles



These fish handprint cards are too cute! We love that these are made from your child’s handprint too. And how about the saying “Hooked on Daddy”? This would make such a perfect gift for the fishing father in your family. Or even if the dad doesn’t like to fish, it’s still an adorable Father’s Day card […]


Adorable Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft for Toddlers - Living For the Sunshine

This adorable dinosaur craft for toddlers and preschoolers is fun, inexpensive and simple. Use materials you already have at hand to make a cute dinosaur!


Was bei der Ostereiersuche für Erwachsene 2020 | Holen Sie sich Ihren Urlaub auf

Was bei der Ostereiersuche für Erwachsene 2020 | Holen Sie sich Ihren Urlaub auf



9 Cute Pig Arts And Crafts Ideas for Kids and Toddlers | Styles At Life

Here are the 9 best pig craft ideas for preschoolers, toddlers, and adults. Help them select their own options and let them work on their own imagination.


Papierdrachen basteln leicht gemacht - mit Anleitung

Ist dein Kind ein echter Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht Fan? Dann bist du hier genau richtig!Wer nicht genug von


Top 21 Insanely Cool Crafts for Kids You Want to Try - HomeDesignInspired

Galaxy Jar DIY, easy way to create a galaxy in a jar and all its wonder in your hands, use tutorial to make Nebula necklaces and other sensory calming jars


How To Make A Paper Chain Snake -

This Paper Chain Snake is a fun craft for any snake fan to make. You can also use this silly animal craft as a countdown to your next trip to the zoo.


Farm animals craft idea for kindergarten

Farm animals craft idea for kindergarten What is Farm and What are on the Farm? Jane is so excited because they will go to farm but there is a problem. Jane does not know what [...]


Leprechaun Lookers - Love Your Littles

Leprechaun Lookers are sure to be a hit with your kids this St. Patrick’s Day! My 3 year old son is fascinated with Leprechauns right now. We have really been milking this St. Patrick’s Day season with themed books, crafts and food! Our favorite book is How to Catch a Leprechaun, our favorite food is green-dyed mashed potatoes, and now, our favorite craft is Leprechaun Lookers! I was inspired by our Santa Searchers that we created last year during the holidays. My son wore them everywhere trying to catch a glimpse of Santa. This is the same idea, but now we are going on Leprechaun hunts with our lookers! On St. Patrick’s Day I am going to make an official Leprechaun hunt for him. I am going to tape Leprechaun feet all of the house for him to follow. At the end of the hunt will be a pot of gold (chocolate golden coins)! Little activities like this make holidays so fun and magical with little ones! There are a few things you need to know about Leprechauns and how best to spot them with Leprechaun Lookers: They love shiny things, so make sure your Leprechaun Lookers have a lots of sparkle and flash! Leprechauns also love the color green, so make sure you include some green when making your lookers. Leprechauns love to be outside, especially in gardens. Once you make your lookers, head outside to try to spot one of those funny little guys! HOW TO MAKE LEPRECHAUN LOOKERS Supplies 2 toilet paper rolls Paper Glue Scissors Decorations- we used pipe cleaner, sequins, pom-poms and craft jewels. I get all of these items at hobby lobby and the dollar store. Hole Punch String- we used embroidery floss. Directions Measure your paper and cut it the length of your paper rolls. Glue your paper onto your paper rolls. Glue the first part of your paper onto the roll, wrap it all the way around and glue to finish. Glue your rolls together. You can do this with regular glue, but they are much sturdier if you use hot glue for this step. **If you wrap pipe cleaner around the rolls, you want to wait to glue your rolls together until you wrap the pipe cleaner. Add your decorations! We had so much fun stringing sequins onto our pipe cleaner! Since my son is pretty young, I apply a dot of glue, and he sticks his items on. Punch a hole on the side of each paper roll. Tie your string onto your lookers. I just double knotted the string at each hole and trimmed the extra. We hope you enjoy this craft, and hope it brings a little extra magic to your St. Patrick’s Day!


Handprint Acorn Craft for Kids to Make - Crafty Morning

Make this adorable handprint acorn craft with your kids! All you need is paint and a paintbrush! Perfect fall art project.


40 Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids and Adults - Fabulessly Frugal

Put those toilet rolls to use with these super creative toilet paper roll crafts! Learning activities, games, and more ideas for kids and adults inside!



Shapes & Colors Craft Activity: Build Your Own Spaceship!


Entzückende Mutter - DSelbermachen ideen #kidscraftmothersday Entzückende Mutt... - Nilay&MutterTag

Entzückende Mutter – DSelbermachen ideen #kidscraftmothersday Entzückende Mutt….Dieses beste Bildsammlungen reichlich Entzückende Mutter – DSelbermachen ideen #kidscraftmothersday Entzückende Mutt… ist zum Download zur Verfügung. Wir zusammenschließen dieses beste Skizze aus dem Web und wählen Sie das beste z. Hd. Sie. Entzückende Mutter – DSelbermachen ideen #kidscraftmothersday Entzückende Mutt….Damit, wenn Sie dieses erstaunliche Foto darüber hinaus Entzückende Mutter – DSelbermachen ideen #kidscraftmothersday Entzückende Mutt… erhalten wollen, klicken Sie problemlos gen Save Button, um selbige Bilder gen Ihrem Computer zu speichern. Schließlich, wenn Sie wollen, um neue und die neuesten Wallpaper im Zusammenhang mit Entzückende Mutter – DSelbermachen ideen #kidscraftmothersday Entzückende Mutt…, gehorchen Sie uns Fürbitte hinauf Pinterest oder Lesemarke this s.t., wir versuchen unser Bestes, um Ihnen täglich Update mit frischen und neuen Wallpaper 2020. Hoffe, Sie genießen hier zu bleiben. DIY Geschenk zum Muttertag – Teelicht mit Liebesbotschaft selber machen – Nilay&MutterTagMein Kreativbuch – Nilay&MutterTagMuttertag – DIY Geschenk im Glas – Nilay&MutterTagMuttertagsgedichte » 20 Muttertagssprüche zum Download | OTTO – Nilay&MutterTagVatertag glückliche Socken – Nilay&MutterTagAlles Liebe zum Muttertag – Nilay&MutterTag